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Aerial Spraying
We provide custom aerial spraying of fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. We can apply custom aerial application to your Corn, Beans, Wheat, Pasture, alfalfa, and anything else you may need. Here at Johnson Flying Service we utilize the highly reliable  Bell 47 (Texas Helicopter) M 74 Wasp. Our Helicopter is equipped with an Ag Nav Guia GPS system that allows us to precisely spray your field via GPS guidance as well as being able map each and every field we spray.

Aerial Seeding

Johnson Flying Service provides aerial seeding services for all of your cover crop needs. We utilize an Isolair aerial seeding bucket which allows us to apply your seed in a timely and accurate manner.

Seed Corn Pollination
We can pollinate your seed corn by flying over top of the corn and using the helicopters downwash to stir up the pollen. This highly effective method allows the customer to get full field pollination for increased yields.


Powerline / Pipeline Patrol
We offer Powerline and Pipeline patrol using the Schweizer 300c Helicopter with an endurance of 4 hours flight time and a cruise speed of 100 mph, all while flying at an altitude that allows you to inspect your Powerline or Pipeline with a high degree of accuracy.


Rides / Tours
We offer Helicopter rides in our Schweizer 300c for birthdays, special events, crop scouting, or just for a good time. The visibility and maneuverability of the Helicopter makes for an unforgettable experience.


Photo Flights
If you are in need of the perfect picture or video with a birds eye view we can help. We utilize the Schweizer 300c for our photo work and we will work with you too get the perfect shot your looking for.


Flight Instruction
We offer primary flight instruction using the Schweizer 300c Helicopter. This aircraft is a prefect mix of function and reliability and works great for flight instruction. We offer private, commercial and flight instructor ratings. Call us today to schedule a lesson or an introductory flight.
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